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Support University of Genoa projects to promote research and business, social and cultural activities and to reward the efforts of our students.

UniGe and Companies

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Corporate training

UniGe offers training courses designed for professionals and companies wishing to further certify and specialize their skills:

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Internships and jobs

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Research and innovation

UniGe supports companies in the creation, consolidation and innovative development phase with specific advice and services:

UniGe for the sustainability

UniGe for society

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UniGe for schools

Thanks to a well-established collaboration with the school world, UniGe organizes courses for initial and continuing teacher training, orientation meetings in schools, Open Days and Open Weeks, and seminars for schools. In addition, many of the services of the Progetto Scuola Digitale are dedicated to schools.

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UniGe for health care

The University offers health protection activities aimed both at medical professionals, with continuing education programs and specific training such as managerial training for medical executives, and at societies, with the activation of prevention and screening campaigns such as the video Donar is the virtue of honest people to increase blood donation.

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UniGe for cultural heritage and activities

The University of Genoa is housed in prestigious buildings of historical and artistic value, which are open to the public, particularly during Rolli Days. The Botanical Garden (GE) and Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Ventimiglia can also be visited. Referred to the School of Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences are the museums of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and the National Museum of Antarctica.

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UniGe for academic freedom

UniGe joins Scholars at Risks (SAR), an international network of universities that, for more than 20 years, has been promoting academic freedom worldwide and protecting scholars whose lives are in danger or whose work is severely compromised.

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UniGe for seniors

UniGe Senior organizes culture courses curated by university professors, with over a thousand enrolled each year, over 45. It offers opportunities to meet and socialize, as well as new interests and intellectual stimulation.

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UniGe for detainees

Since 2016, the Penitentiary University Pole (PUP) has been promoting the right to study of prisoners, ensuring not only access to knowledge, but also participation in activities essential to the development of the person.

Alumni UniGe


La Community degli Alumni nasce con l’intento di rafforzare il senso di appartenenza, valorizzare conoscenze e competenze sviluppate dagli ex-studenti, stabilire un forte legame collaborativo e di mentoring tra gli studenti di ieri, di oggi e di domani. La Community promuove anche progetti di sviluppo e raccolta fondi dell’Università tra gli ex-studenti. Nelle UniGe stories sono raccolte tutte le storie di successo degli studenti dell'Ateneo.