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University and National Research

National calls

All UniGe projects funded nationally can be found at Funded UniGe Projects Table in the intranet section.

FIS - Italian Fund for Science

FISR - Special Supplementary Fund for Research

PRIN - Research Programs of National Interest

Academic Tenders

Candidates for "Scientific Equipment"


Academic grants under the counter submission scheme

  1. Contributions for carrying out periods of research activities abroad
  2. Contributions for the organization of international symposia, seminars, conferences, schools and workshops  to be held in the Ligurian territory

Postgraduate Research Grants

All the information needed to participate in competitions for the awarding of post-graduate research grants and all the procedures for the activation of the calls by the Structures.

Reporting Contributions 5 per thousand MUR

RREPORTING year 2018





National Research Department

Last update 21/05/2024