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Italian language courses for International Students


The project “Italian language courses for International Students” promotes the integration of International students in the University activities and in the Italian social life.
Italian language and culture teaching activities are directed to:

  • Students holding an International qualification enrolled in bachelor, master or PhD courses
  • International students who attend our University in the framework of a mobility programme (such as Erasmus+ or CINDA)

International students coming under a mobility programme can find information on this page

Students with International qualification enrolled in courses taught in English or in PhD courses can find information on this page:

Students enrolled in bachelor or master degree courses taught in Italian language must sit for an Italian language test

Italian language test

  • Students enrolled in courses taught in English are exempted from the test
  • Students who reach at least A2 level in the test can enroll at the University of Genova with a pending subject in the study plan and they will have to attend free-of-charge Italian language classes organized by the University to reach the requested B2 level. Courses are only for students
    enrolled in the first year, non in years following the first. Only students who joined the test in one of the autumn sessions can join the courses. No courses will be scheduled for students who sit for the test in the second-semester sessions.
  • Students who do not reach A2 level will not be able to enroll in any course of the University of Genova
  • Students who can provide an Italian language certificate attesting at least B2 level (B1 for Marco Polo students) obtained from January 2021 on are exempted from the Italian language test.  The University of Genova only accepts the certificates issued by Università per Stranieri di Perugia, Università per Stranieri di Siena, Università Roma Tre, Società “Dante Alighieri”, Università per Stranieri “Dante Alighieri di Reggio Calabria, also in cooperation with the Italian Institutes of Culture abroad.
  • Students who hold one of these certificates, obtained not before January 2021, must submit it to the Welcome Office within the deadlines which will soon be indicated on this page.

Certificates are accepted only for students who enrolled for the first time starting from a.y. 2020/21

Students enrolled for the first time in a.y. 2020/21 or 2021/22, who have obtained one of the abovementioned certificates, have to send it to the Welcome Office  no later than 10th October 2022 if they sit for the test on 14th October.

Italian language courses

Classes of the Italian language courses with teacher can be either face-to-face and/or online and are reserved to students who have sat for the test in either the 2nd, 23rd September or 28th October or 25th November session .
Courses are only for students enrolled in the first year who obtained A2 or B1 level in one the tests of the autumn session.
Students who did not reach at least A2 level cannot enroll and cannot therefore benefit from any course

Italian literature and culture

The project “Italian language courses for International Students” offers further studies in Italian language, literature and culture. International students can include in their course study programme the teaching unit Letteratura e cultura italiana per stranieri con elementi di lingua. Classes will take place at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of the Humanities School.


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