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To activate your work placement, please contact the work placement office of your course

Are you a company? For information on the activation of traineeships click here

What is a traineeship?

The apprenticeship is a period of orientation and training aimed both at students during their studies (curricular apprenticeship) and at graduates within 12 months of obtaining their degree (extracurricular apprenticeship) in companies, public institutions and professionals.

The relationship established between the host company and the trainee does not constitute an employment relationship.

The documents required for the activation of the traineeship are:

  • convention: agreement between the university and the host party (organisation or company)
  • training project: a document prepared for each trainee that defines the objectives and methods of the traineeship

Curricular traineeships

Curricular traineeships may be undertaken by students regularly enrolled in a course of study at any level (degree, master's degree, doctorate, specialisation, postgraduate) active at the University of Genoa.

It may be compulsorily provided for by the regulations of the degree course (with recognition of CFUs), or it may be undertaken optionally (with or without recognition of CFUs).

Before activating an internship, it is necessary to contact the referrer for internships of your course of study.

Please note:Curricular internships, activated during the degree course, are now managed by the Internship and Thesis Platform. At the moment, however, the Platform does not manage the recognition of CFUs in your career; therefore, once the placement has been completed, you must contact the Internship Office of your Course to find out what documents are required to obtain recognition of the CFUs.

Curricular placements have a maximum duration of 12 months for each course of study.

You can find out with which companies, organisations, associations have already signed agreements for curricular traineeships by consulting the list of approved companies

For more information on how to activate the traineeship, consult the page of services for companies dedicated to the activation of curricular traineeships.

Access the Internships and Theses Platform

Curricular internship opportunities

In addition to the curricular internship offers published on the Internship Platform, we would like to point out some opportunities:

Reference regulations

Extracurricular traineeships

Extracurricular training and orientation traineeships are aimed at facilitating professional choices and the employability of young people in the transition path between university and work through training in direct contact with the world of work.

Extracurricular (training and guidance)traineeships are available to graduates who have graduated not more than 12 months. Some regional regulations (including that of Regione Liguria) extend this possibility even after obtaining a master's or doctorate degree.

For further information see the page on services for companies dedicated to extracurricular traineeships

Traineeships abroad

The University of Genoa promotes study and traineeship experiences abroad, to encourage the development of cultural exchanges and international collaboration.

You can do a curricular or extra-curricular internship experience abroad.
Your experience will be enriched by the encounter with the culture, language, ways of life of another country and can be very useful for expanding your network of contacts.

For further information please consult the page dedicated to traineeships abroad


The University, as the promoting body, takes care of insuring the trainee against accidents at work with INAIL and, for civil liability, with insurance companies operating in the sector.

In the case of curricular traineeships, transfers of the trainee to and from the traineeship location, by whatever means they are made, are excluded from coverage.

Safety training course

Each student/graduate, before commencing the internship period, must obligatorily take the course "General training on occupational safety and health" and pass the relevant final test.





Last update 22/05/2024