Career services for foreign students

Career services for foreign students


University of Genoa offers its international students some career guidance services. The services are aimed at offering support in the search for professional opportunities and in planning a professional career.


University staff has tailored a webinar in english language to guide students in understanding the dynamics of the labor market and the search for career opportunities. The first date in program for the year 2022 will soon be published here:
How to organize a job search  CV & cover letter templates, job orientation services, tips and instruments to build your own professional project  


How to participate: before noon on the day before the webinar, it’s necessary to subscribe to the webinar following the instructions:

  • Visit the website piazza studenti
  • click on the voice "Placement - Webinar di orientamento al lavoro"
  • Login with university username & password (unigepass)
  • Click on " Iscrivimi" (“subscribe me”) and then select the chosen laboratory and date
  • Click on "Prenota" (“book a reservation”)

Individual meetings for Career counseling / CV-Check

University staff is available for individual online meetings, aimed to offer support in the search for professional opportunities, in planning a professional career, or on other topics related to career guidance.

During the individual meeting it's also possibile to have a review of a CV/cover letter, with the aim of verifying whether these documents have been filled in correctly and if they are in line with the student's professional project. The service can offer tips and advice for improving your CV and cover letter.

A CV is fore sure an important document, as it is like a jobseeker's business card, and it can certainly influence a recruiter's impression of a candidate. Certain web tools, like Canva (to browse templates different from Europass) or the Europen dictionary of skills and competences DISCO (to research specific skill-related terms) can be really useful to improve a CV.
How to request an individual meeting:

The service is available in english or italian language.

  • Visit the website piazza studenti
  • click on the voice "Placement - Career counseling: individual meeting for international students"
  • Login with university username & password (unigepass)
  • Click on " Iscrivimi" (“subscribe me”) and then choose a date and time for the meeting
  • Click on "Prenota" (“book a reservation”)

Almalaurea matching plaftorm

AlmaLaurea Platform is the database of all the CVs of our undergraduates and graduates, available to companies registered for the service. Your CV initially contains the information you entered when completing the graduation phase.

You can consult job opportunities and post-graduate internships offers published by registered companies. Apply the various filters available and browse through the numerous offers that are published daily.

Browse job & internship opportunities

In order to send an application in response of an offer, it will be necessary to login with Almalaurea credentials.

Eures Matching platform

The EURES platform it’s the Europen Job Mobility Portal. This platform can helps jobseekers to move abroad by finding a job in Europe.  The service is available at the institutional website.
This website can be useful for candidates willing to look for opportunities in other EU countries.