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Psychological counselling service "Insieme"

The psychological counseling service "Insieme" was created as a collaboration between the Guidance, Career Service and Inclusion Service and the Department of Education Sciences (DISFOR). Within the Service operates a team of psychologists and psychotherapists experienced in issues concerning young adults in general and in learning processes.

The service is free of charge and is reserved for all current or former students of the University of Genoa; it works by appointment and guarantees anonymity and confidentiality of personal data.

The course of counseling is individual: five meetings at regular intervals and then, at a distance of about 3 months, a final follow-up meeting - follow up.

The overall objective of this initiative is to provide an opportunity to find listening and support in relation to situations of personal discomfort that interfere with the course of study: doubts or uncertainties with respect to one's personal and emotional abilities, but also difficulties in relationships with other students, teachers, or need to refine one's study method.

The course focuses on the following specific objectives:

  • deepening of self-knowledge
  • activation of awareness of personal resources, at emotional and cognitive levels
  • support for change processes
  • effective coping with situations of personal, relational or learning-related difficulties

The courses are usually held in person, but the service also offers the possibility of conducting them remotely, in compliance with security and privacy measures, being equipped with systems that provide efficient data protection systems. 

To request an individual counseling course, it is necessary to fill out the online form with all the required information.

After filling out the online form, the student will be contacted by the service workers through an email or phone call (which results as anonymous) to arrange the start of the path. In some periods the requests are many, so the waiting list may get longer.... If you have any doubts about the actual sending of the request or for information regarding the waiting time, you can write an email to

For organizational reasons, please note that if the student does not show up for the booked meeting twice in a row, he/she will have to make a new request, losing priority in the appointments.

As an alternative to the individual pathway, small group pathways for anxiety and stress management are periodically initiated. To learn more and sign up for the group pathway go to the Group course for anxiety and stress management page.

Last update 19/02/2024