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Italian language test

Italian language test

Until further notice, Italian language tests will be computer-based and scheduled in remote

Who needs to take the test

Italian language test takes place in September (additional sessions may be organized in October and November) and it aims at assessing your Italian language level. Students pre-enrolled or enrolled for the first time can sit for the test only once.
Students enrolled from the second year on who have not passed the test yet can sit for it in every session available until they pass it.

To attend University courses the minimum level required is:

  • B1 for Chinese students who take part in the Marco Polo project and enroll in a bachelor degree course;
  • B2 for all the other students;
  • C1 only for students pre-enrolled in  a master degree course of the Department of Modern Language and Cultures.

SASS office will send to all involved students an email with the instructions on how to enroll in and perform the test.

Italian language courses

If you have failed the Italian language test, you will join a 40, 80 or 120-hour course, according to the result of your test.

Courses are reserved to students enrolled in the first year. Students repeating the first year cannot join any Italian language course.

Attendance is compulsory but you are allowed a maximum of 50% absence on the total number of hours.
At the end of the course, you will have to sit again for the test to check if you have reached the level requested.
If you fail the test at the end of the course, you can re-try it in the following sessions until the deadline to fill in second year’s study plan. If you keep failing it, you can complete the exams of the first year but you cannot fill in your second year’s study plan as you will have a pending subject in Italian language. You will therefore have to enroll again in the first year.

Contact people in the different Schools for the Project Italian Language Courses for International Students

Contents and marks

The test is online and lasts 30 minutes. You have to complete 9 parts for a total number of 34 questions. To reach B2 level you need to obtain a score of at least 27/34.

Click here to see a sample of the test

From part 1 to part 8 you need to fill the gap choosing from 4 possible options (here in the sample we put the infinitive of the verb that you need to conjugate in the right way).
In part 9 you need to choose the correct word to complete text, choosing from 4 possible options (here in the sample we have indicated in brackets the 4 possible options).

If you are pre-enrolled in a master degree course of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures you are asked to reach C1 level. You have therefore to complete B2 test first (lasting 30 minutes) and then C1 test (lasting 10 minutes), which includes part 10 and 11 of the sample test.
To reach C1 level you need to score at least 7/9 and you need to have passed B2 level first.

You can study for the Italian language test by following the SLICIS’s instructions provided in the Syllabus

Test calendar

  • Friday 26th November 2021
    Test dedicated to students enrolled or pre-enrolled in restricted access and free access courses for a.a. 2021/22.

Test Results