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The University of Genoa offers over 120 degree courses in 11 fields of study distributed over 6 different cities. Many courses and teaching units are taught in foreign language, mainly in English.

Students may find here great opportunities, competitive undergraduate and graduate programmes and academic excellence. The University provides student handbooks, guidance services and tutorship to help you with your choice.

The University of Genoa offers postgraduate courses and high-quality academic paths at the Institution for Higher Education IANUA-ISSUGE. The University is part of EduOpen, an Italian online platform hosting free university courses (Massive Online Open Courses).


The University of Genoa provides information, facilitates support and offers financial incentives to students with disabilities or learning disabilities.


The University of Genoa provides accommodations for non-resident students as well as scholarships and benefits to help its students pay for tuition fees.


The University of Genoa provides clear and accurate enrolment procedures, offers the possibility to pre-enrol online and to consult the calendar with all deadlines and dates to remember.


The University of Genoa offers many services for high school students and their teachers and provides matching opportunities to compaines and graduates.

High school website

The University of Genoa is strongly committed to welcoming high school students and to helping them choose their own academic path by offering guidance programmes, open weeks, open days, young apprenticeship programmes experiences and professional trainings for teachers.

University and career

The University of Genoa offers careers services and employment opportunities to students and graduates by organising guidance meetings, job interviews, traineeships, career days and job matching services.

Studenti stranieri a Genova


Incoming students

The University of Genoa offers a wide range of opportunities to international students, who choose to attend a degree course, a PhD or decide to take part in the Erasmus+ programme.

Students are also allowed to personalise their academic path in UNIGE by choosing their own single teaching units, or by attending the School of Italian Language and Culture for International Students.

Many degree courses and teaching units are taught in foreign language, mainly English.

The International Students Office is available to provide further information.

Outgoing students

The University of Genoa promotes study and traineeship exchanges abroad. You can choose between Erasmus+ and other programmes.

International relations

The international academic cooperation is one of University of Genoa's main goal and it aims to create academic, scientific and cultural exchanges.

These activities are managed by the Internationalization Service and by the International Cooperation Office that work together to establish and promote international agreements and Erasmus+ activities as provided by the Erasmus charter for higher education.


The University of Genoa plays a leading role in the fields of research, innovation and technology transfer in an increasingly competitive environment at national and international level.

The University of Genoa takes part in national and international programmes, it selects funding channels and promotes many relations with local and regional authorities and companies.

Departments and University centres carry out scientific researches in collaboration with professors, researchers, postdoc researchers, technical and administrative employees and PhD students of 28 PhD courses, 2 of which are joint initiatives with international institutions.

To promote the research outcomes, the University of Genoa supports technology transfers to allow companies to benefit from innovations. Patent applications can be submitted to the University, which owns these applications individually or together with companies or other research institutions.

l'Ateneo di Genova

About us

The University of Genoa is one of the most valuable cultural and scientific heritage of the Mediterranean and the Italian north-western area. It is deeply interconnected with the city of Genoa and its economic framework. The University is located throughout the region, with campuses also in Savona, Imperia and La Spezia.

The University meets the people's needs by offering physical resources – schools and departments, study centres, management offices, as well as a computer centre – and human resources – teachers and the administrative staff. The University is strongly engaged in promoting the progress and the values of our society.

The University Library System (SBA) manages the library's heritage and offers high-quality services aimed at fostering the knowledge sharing.

During the Rolli days, the University of Genoa gives citizens and tourists the opportunity to visit many historic buildings included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.