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As every year, you can allocate 5x1000 to the University of Genoa to promote research projects, scholarships and grants, periods of activity abroad and purchase/upgrade scientific equipment.

What to do to allocate 5x1000 to the University of Genoa

Just sign on tax return forms the box that reads "Funding of Scientific Research and the University" and write the tax code of the University of Genoa 00754150100.

Remember: if you sign on a specific subdivision without entering a tax code, your 5x1000 is redistributed proportionally among all subjects beneficiaries of the subdivision in which it has entered the signature. If you do not enter your signature, you will still pay your 5x1000 but the share will remain with the state.


Contribute to the development of your and our research


Give 5x1000 to UniGe


Fiscal Code: 00754150100