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JobLabs 2024 are the webinars offered by the placement office on topics useful for the job search and initial contacts with companies, in order to facilitate an easier approach to the world of work.

The workshops are held remotely on Teams.

Laboratory calendar 2024

The web and social media for finding workCan you find work on social media? How? This webinar will offer you tips and advice on sites, platforms and how to use social media to search for workTuesday 11 June 202414.30 - 16.30Job contractsDescription of the main forms of contract that could be offered to young students and graduates.Thursday 20 June 202410.00-12.00Prepare for the selection interviewGive a good presentation of yourself. Acquire the basic knowledge and techniques for preparing for the interview and selection stages.Thursday 27 June 202410.00-12.00

Laboratory Forum 2024

Career Day: CV and covering letterShould you put a photo in your CV? Hobbies, should they be included? Can you answer these questions? Come and discover all the tips for writing a good CV! Wednesday 7 May 202414.30 - 16.30Career Day: tips and strategies Join the career day preparation webinar. You will receive insights, strategies, tips for approaching companies and potential employers in the most effective way. english flagFriday 10 May 202410.30-12.00Career Day: prepare for the interviewIn preparation for the Career Day: give a good presentation of yourself. Acquire the basic knowledge and techniques for preparing for the interview and selection stages.Monday 13 May 202414.30 - 16.30Soft skills and the world of workIn preparation for Career Day: What are soft skills and why does the world of work require them?     
Discover the importance of soft skills in selection and career processes.Tuesday 21 May 202410.00 - 12.00

Booking procedure

Follow the procedure and book yourself by 12 noon on the day before the webinar:
  • connect to: Student Placement
  • click on "Placement - JobLab2024 - Job Orientation Workshops"
  • Log in with your UniGePASS credentials
  • click on " Register me", select the title of interest and click on "Book"

The webinars will take place online on Microsoft Team. You can use the following code to access the Team: 42v4z2v, or click here

Thebooking is binding with respect to participation in the initiative; in the event of unforeseen impediments you must connect to Students' Plaza and proceed with disenrolment.

Please note: if you are a graduate and/or your UniGePASS credentials are no longer active to access Teams, please write your personal address to You will receive an invitation email to log in.

Webinars in English

The University also offers webinars in English for international students. For the programme and how to book, please consult the dedicated page.

Other services

We would like to remind you that to facilitate your job search, the following services may also be useful:

They say about us

We report some data from the customer satisfaction questionnaires, sent to those who used the service.     
The data refer to the year 2023.

Number of labs





  • Practical advice

    Practical advice, non-obvious topics, helpfulness and friendliness. Nothing to criticise, bravo!

  • Active Learning

    Competent and willing to listen, attentive to participants' requests and engaging. Active learning through activities carried out by the participants and not just frontal lessons.

  • Preparation of the staff

    The strong point of the webinar was the speakers, who clearly and concisely expounded on the topics, while adding useful practical suggestions, and who proved to be absolutely open and willing to listen to the participants and prompt in answering them.

  • Clearness

    Clearness in exposition and complete willingness of the presenters to answer various types of questions.  Participating gave me a lot of inspiration.


Job Guidance and Placement Department

Last update 03/07/2024