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Pre-selection: answer to the most frequently asked questions on the UniGeApply portal and the evaluation procedure

FAQ Admission

1. Register to create UniGe credentials (username and password). Be careful to fill in the fields with the data exactly as shown on your ID (passport or, if not available, national ID card). In the case of a compound last name (surname) and/or first name (given name), enter all last names and first names on your passport (do not use dashes and dots). Be careful not to reverse the last name field and the first name field. If one of the two fields is empty on the passport, fill in using an X. Compiling with error can cause a slowdown of the services offered.

2. After creating your credentials, submit your application on the UniGeApply portal. Log in on this link and start by filling out the application. The pre-assessment phase is mandatory for students applying for a Master’s Degree in English. 

3. Fill in all required sections and fields of the application:

  • Choose the course/courses you want to apply for. N.B. You can apply for a maximum of TWO courses. Check the Master's degree or use the list that will appear at the application stage where only the Master’s Degrees in English are reported.
  • Verify or enter your personal information and the qualification you have.
  • Upload your ID and photo.
  • Depending on the course/course chosen loads the fundamental documents and those required by the course. All necessary documents (mandatory and/or optional) will be automatically requested based on your choice.
  • Then fill in the additional information including the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of the Bachelor’s Degree that you will use as an entry qualification for the Master’s Degree.

4. Remember to save each page of the application and then again at the end of the application process; 
5. If the application has been completed and saved correctly, the green sentence "Complete, pending evaluation" will appear at the end. In this case, the application has been sent correctly and is awaiting evaluation. You will also receive a confirmation email. Please note that due to the large number of applications, the evaluation may take several weeks.
6. Always check to upload complete and readable documents. If any document is missing or incomplete, by submitting the application, the following sentence will appear in yellow "Missing/incorrect documents" followed by the indication of missing or incomplete documents. You will also receive an email notification. The application will be reopened so that you can correct and attach missing or incomplete documents. 
7. If the Admissions Office or the commission of the course of studies should apply for integration, you will be notified by email and can access your application to update the documents. Remember, once you receive your integration request, you’ll have three weeks to complete the task.
8. When your application comes to the end of the evaluation process, you will receive a notification email. You will see your application in one of the following states: 

  • Accepted. In this case you will see the green text "Complete (Accepted by commission)". You can also download a receipt indicating that you have passed the pre-selection and are eligible to enroll in the course. This receipt replaces the letter of acceptance no longer requested by the Embassy/Consulate;
  • Conditionally accepted (yellow sentence). You lack some curricular requirements that must be met before enrollment (e.g. you must take additional exams or an entrance test if the course has restricted access). Also in this case, you will be able to download a receipt stating your acceptance; 
  • Rejected (red sentence). You do not have the course entry requirements.

9. If your application has been accepted, or conditionally accepted, you can proceed to the pre-registration phase on the Universitaly website. Universitaly is used to submit the visa application procedure. The University will validate the application and send it to the Embassy/Consulate. The Universitaly portal is external to UniGe and you will have to upload all your documents again. If you are accepted for two courses, you will have to make a choice. At Universitaly you can apply for only one course of study.

10. After your application has been approved on, you can move on to the pre-enrollment phase. The chosen course of studies must be the same as the one in the application submitted on
Access the dedicated page with information on pre-enrolment and enrolment of non-EU students (visa applicants) with a foreign qualification

Last update 30/04/2024