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Other learning opportunities abroad

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The University of Genoa promotes learning experiences and traineeships abroad. 
You can choose between the Erasmus+ programme and the following opportunities.

Fondo Giovani Programme

The Fondo Giovani is a programme funded by MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) aimed at supporting young people and promoting study exchanges abroad. 
You can win a scholarship and benefit from a travel expense contribution, thanks to which you can study or conduct research for your degree thesis in a foreign university.

European programmes

The University of Genoa has activated since 2016 the Erasmus+ key action 107: International Credit Mobility.

It offers the same long-standing Erasmus benefits of student and staff mobility, but enables both inward and outward mobility to and from countries outside the European Union, known as partner countries.

CINDA Programme

Thanks to an international exchange agreement you are given the opportunity to study in the best universities of Central and South America.
Every year the University’s Board of Directors can decide to provide you financial aids that will be issued after you finish your experience abroad.

Summer Schools in Europe

Summer Schools are courses sponsored by universities and other institutions of higher education. They offer a wide range of courses in many fields of study and take place during the summer or the winter break. They may last from a few days to several weeks.
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Financial aids

If you are interested in an international experience, please submit your ISEE-U form (Equivalent Financial Situation Index – University).

The ISEE-U form is mandatory to benefit from financial aids – if any – granted by the exchange programme.

Last update 26/04/2023