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Ph.D. programmes

Ph.D. programmes


Ph.D courses are postgraduate degrees with limited access lasting at least three years. They can also grant scholarships.
In some cases, Ph.D programmes allot specific places to non-EU citizens living abroad.
The University of Genoa can also offer Ph.D programmes independently or in a partnership with other Universities.
You may find all information about application requirements, admission procedures and deadlines on the notice of competition. On Annex A you may find the list of the Ph.D courses, places availability, scholarships, dates, types and assessment test.

PhD  Courses

XXXVI cycle Ph.D. courses

Exclusively for Phd in:
Bioengineering and Robotics
Civil, chemical and environmental engineering
Computer science and systems engineering
Digital Humanities. Digital technologies, the arts, languages, cultures and communication
Haemato-oncology and clinical-translational internal medicine
Physics and nanosciences
Mechanical, energy and management engineering
Mathematics and applications
Science and technology of chemistry and materials
Science and technology for electrical engineering, complex systems for mobility
Security, risk and vulnerability

Final lists

XXXVI cycle Ph.D. courses


Candidates successfully positioned in the final list for a place shall check the remaining places according to the publications on the website and proceed with the enrolment as indicated (see art. 8 of the Public Call)

INFORMATION FOR NON EU STUDENTS To apply for an entry visa for study purposes, you must pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal [link a]
The pre-enrolment application will be verified by the University of Genova and forwarded to the Embassy / Consulate you have specified.

Useful information

Application forms

Previous Ph.D Cycles

Notices of competition, deadlines and other information


Regulations listed in Disciplina area della didattica and set by the University of Genoa for Ph.D students:

MIUR Regulations concerning the setting up of new Ph.D courses:

  • Regulations concerning the designation of Ph.D sites and courses as well as the requirements deemed necessary for the setting up of Ph.D courses by accredited bodies

Ministerial Decree of 8 February 2013, No. 45


Information about enrolment and doctoral studies

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