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A tutor for you

The University of Genoa provides 3 different types of tutors, who can help you during your university studies. The tutoring service is free of charge.
Our tutors are senior students who have been specifically trained to mentor you during your university experience.

Freshers’ Tutors

Have you just enrolled at the university? 
Freshers’ tutors will help you get familiar with the university and will give you a tour of our facilities. They will also help you find the information you need and assist you to fill in your course study programme.

Academic tutors

Do you need some help or advice to pass your exams?
Academic tutors are well-experienced four-year students who will give you useful advice about your study method and can suggest you further readings and exercises to consolidate what you have learned during classes.

Peer tutors

Do you have specific needs related to disabilities or are you affected by a learning disability?
Peer tutors can support you arranging an academic path that best suits your needs and help you prepare your exams through one-to-one meetings.
Where and when can you meet your tutors?
You can meet freshers’ tutors: 
— At the courses introductions at the beginning of each class 
— During the Freshers’ days organised by your university course
— In classrooms during your first classes 

Visit the website of your university course or ask the Student Support Office to know where you can meet all other tutors.

Become a tutor!

Do you want to be a tutor? Click here.


Last update 17/04/2023