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PNRR and PNC-funded research projects

UniGe participates in 24 PNRR-funded projects (21 on Mission 4 - Component 2, 2 on Mission 2 - Component 2 and 1 on Mission 1 - Component 2) and 3 PNC-funded projects of which:

  • 3 under the Investment 1.4 (M4C2) "Strengthening research facilities and creating 'national R&S champions' on some Key Enabling Technologies"
  • 4 related to the Investment 1.3 (M4C2) "Partnerships extended to universities, research centers, enterprises, and research project financing"
  • 1 referring to the Investment 1.5 (M4C2) "Creation and Strengthening of Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability"
  • 8 in response to the calls of the Investment 3.1 (M4C2) "Fund for the Implementation of an Integrated Research and Innovation Infrastructure System"
  • 5 for the Investment 1.2 (M4C2) "Funding of Projects Submitted by Young Researchers"
  • 2 in reference to the Investment 3.5 (M2C2) "Hydrogen research and development"
  • 3 in reference to the Innovative Health Ecosystem (PNC)
  • 1 related to the Investment 6 (M1C2) "Industrial Property System"

National Centers

  • CNAGRITECH - National Research Center for Agricultural Technologies (National Agritech Center)
  • CNMS - Sustainable Mobility Center (National Center for Sustainable Mobility)
  • NBFC - National Biodiversity Future Center

Extended Partnerships

  • MNESYS - A Multiscale integrated approach to the study of the Nervous system in health and disease (UniGe proposing entity)
                   NEWS MNESYS Spoke 6 - Call for RODs
  • NEST - Network 4 Energy Sustainable Transition
  • RETURN - multi-Risk sciEnce for resilienT commUnities undeR changiNg climate
  • SERICS - Security and Rights in the CyberSpace

Ecosystems of innovation for sustainability

  • RAISE - Robotics and AI for Socio-economic Empowerment (UniGe proposing entity)

Research Infrastructure

  • IRIS - Innovative Research Infrastructure on applied Superconductivity
  • KM3NeT4RR - Kilometer Cube Neutrino Telescope for Recovery and Resilience
  • ETIC - Einstein Telescope Infrastructure Consortium
  • SUS-MIRRI.IT - Strengt

Funding for projects submitted by young researchers

  •  Land-In-Pro - Landscape of Industrial Production: Documenting and Assessing 20th century (post)Industrial Landscape as Resources - Federica POMPEJANO
  • INSPIRE - Investigating the functioning and effectiveness of community Sponsorship Programs for the Integration of refugees in the European context: comparing private sponsorship schemes in Italy, France and Germany - Ervis MARTANI
  • PULSE - The Port-clUster LandScapE: Developing a Spatial and Design Approach to Port Clusters - Beatrice MORETTI
  • FOCUSMed - Enhanced Assessment of Future Coastal Multi-Hazards and Compound Risks in the Mediterranean Sea - Andrea Margarita LIRA LOARCA
  • EffUA - An Effective Model of the Univalence Axiom - Jacopo EMMENEGGER

Hydrogen research and development - Line A (basic research)

  • PROMETH2eus - Non-freshwater electrolysis through solid oxide electrolyzers for H2 production and integration into e-fuels production systems
  • NEMESI - New Electrodes and Membranes for Industrial Scale Electrolyzers 

Innovative health ecosystem (PNC)

  • DHEAL-COM - Digital Health Solutions in Community Medicine
  • Sustainability for the Environment and Citizen Health in Port Cities in italy
  • Fit4MedRob - Fit for Medical Robotics 

Industrial property system

Last update 17/01/2024