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Research grants

  CallPlacementsDurationExpirationExaminationStarting ActivitiesDISPIArtificial Intelligence Applied to Public Administrations112 months13/11/202320/11/202301/12/2023DIMESNK cell characterization in female cancers13 months21/11/202328/11/202301/01/2024DICCAContribution to the fabrication and electrochemical characterization of a novel structure solid oxide microstack for electrolysis from seawater13 months10/11/202317/11/202301/12/2023ISMEDetection and Obstacle Tracking for Marine Vehicles14 months10/11/202317/11/202301/12/2023ISMENavigation, guidance and control for marine robots in environmental monitoring applications14 months10/11/202317/11/202301/12/2023DICCAOil upgrading processes from biomass pyrolysis and/or H2 production from biomass: development of analytical methods and study of catalyst poisoning 13 months10/11/202317/11/202301/12/2023DIBRISSoftware tools and case study definition for component and scenario orchestration in cyber range systems212 months08/11/202315/11/202301/12/2023DIBRISComputer vision methods for ultrasound image and video analysis14 months08/11/202315/11/202301/12/2023DIMESStudy of the effects of altered gravity in skeletal tissue13 months06/11/202313/11/202301/12/2023DCCISynthesis of bio-based amphiphilic macromolecules for HNIPUS materials112 months07/11/202314/11/202301/12/2023DCCIDevelopment of bioplastics-based formulations13 months06/11/202313/11/202301/12/2023DCCIApplication of membrane processes to water purification112 months07/11/202314/11/202301/12/2023DITENActivity to support the analysis of experimental data acquired by large-scale laboratory test on transversely reinforced ribbed panel, with comparison by advanced numerical modeling112 months18/10/202325/10/202301/12/2023DISSALNew diagnostic methods to identify catheter-related candidemia in patients with an in-situ catheter. Is it possible to customize candidemia management?17 months19/10/202326/10/202301/12/2023DISSALNew diagnostic methods to identify catheter-related candidemia in patients with an in-situ catheter. Is it possible to customize candidemia management?17 months19/10/202326/10/202301/12/2023DICCA-DR. AMENDMENT TO NOTICE No. 4309Experimental validation of the efficiency of vitrectomes15 months17/11/202324/11/202301/12/2023DIECAnalysis of the demand and supply of tourist services and receptivity of the village of Campo Ligure," as part of the project "Campo Ligure - a village in filigree" under the PNRR Call for Proposals Mission 1 - Digitization, Innovation, Competitiveness and Culture, Component 3 - Culture 4.0 (M1C3). Measure 2 "Regeneration of small cultural sites, cultural, religious and rural heritage" Investment 2.1: "Attractiveness of historic villages16 months09/10/202316/10/202301/11/2023DICCAExperimental validation of the efficiency of vitrectomes15 months16/10/2023



01/11/2023DICCAContribution to the fabrication and electrochemical characterization of an innovatively structured solid oxide microstack for electrolysis from seawater14 months 12/10/202319/10/202301/11/2023DITENDevelopment of detailed models of electrochemical storage systems and analysis of fuel cell technologies14 months09/10/202316/10/202301/11/2023DIMESASD-genesis: from latent synaptopathy to overt dysfunctions in multisensory social processing15 months05/10/202312/10/202301/11/2023DIBRISEfficient Machine Learning for operators14 months14/09/202321/09/202301/10/2023DISTAVLTER sites zooplankton community analysis14 months08/09/202315/09/202301/10/2023DISTAVEvaluation of the healing power of amphibian peptides14 months12/09/202319/09/202301/10/2023DCCIPreparation of intermetallic supported catalysts for CO2 methanation16 months11/09/202318/09/202301/10/2023DIEC-DR. RECTIFICATION TO NOTICEDesign of a sustainability studies manifesto aimed at raising awareness of all stakeholders (students, teachers and institutions.....) to sustainable economic development and to orient the training of young students towards so-called green jobs at a very early stage of their education by providing them with the tools to address the latest environmental issues13 months06/09/202313/09/202301/10/2023DISTAVStudy of ancient varieties of basil13 months28/08/202304/09/202301/10/2023DICCAMultisectoral Assessment and Comparison of Emerging Risks in Industrial Process Settings17 months29/08/202305/09/202301/10/2023DCCIProduction of podcasts in English on various themes with a focus on the world of the Middle East and the integration of foreign students and researchers in Italy13 months15/08/202322/08/202301/9/2023DAFISTManuscript transcriptions and collations of scolii to the Iliad of the h family16 months08/09/202315/09/202301/10/2023DIMESStudy of glia-neuron communications in epileptic activity associated with neuroinflammatory processes13 months26/07/202302/08/202301/09/2023DIECDesign of a sustainability studies manifesto aimed at raising awareness among all stakeholders (students , teachers and institutions.....) to sustainable economic development and to orient the training of young students towards so-called green jobs at a very early stage of their education by providing them with the tools to deal with the latest environmental issues13 months06/09/202313/09/202301/10/2023DISTAVValidation and analysis of data sets related to Antarctic organisms, recognition of Antarctic benthic species and preparation of related data and metadata for inclusion in museum database112 months25/07/202301/08/202301/09/2023DIMETuning low-pressure turbine leakage regression model with high Mach data16 months26/09/202303/10/202301/11/20323DIMESIsolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles from iPSC cells15 months06/07/202313/07/202301/08/2023DIBRIS 13 months30/06/202307/07/202301/08/2023DAFIST 23 months07/07/202314/07/202301/08/2023DICCAIdentification of operating conditions for starting a jet bed demonstration13 months28/06/202305/07/202301/8/2023DIMEBusiness process management in the insurance industry following adoption of artificial intelligence tools13 months30/06/202307/07/202301/08/2023DIMETilting elevated platform for work at height that can be used on steep terrain29 months06/06/202313/06/202301/07/2023CIELIStudy and analysis for the preparation of a technical and economic feasibility project to develop "waterway" solutions for waterborne passenger transport in the urban and extra-urban sphere of the Metropolitan City of Genoa14 months05/06/202312/06/202301/07/2023DINOGMIUncovering the physiopathological role of PACC1 in human neurons13months14/06/202321/06/202301/08/2023DIBRISApplications of Computational Intelligence in Naval Construction16 months13/06/202320/06/202301/07/2023DCCIDevelopment of bioplastics-based formulations13 months08/06/202315/06/202301/07/2023DICCADevelopment and application of algorithms for dynamic risk analysis in process plants25 months05/06/202312/06/202301/07/2023DICCAStatistical Methods for the Assessment and Management of Industrial Safety in the Pandemic Context18 months01/06/202308/06/202301/07/2023DIMANumerical methods for the analysis of data acquired by the Spectrometer/Telescope for imaging X-rays (STIX) aboard Solar Orbiter16 MONTHS08/06/202315/06/202301/07/2023DIMESBoosting autophagy as a therapeutic strategy to treat TBC1D24 epilepsy18 MONTHS12/05/202319/05/202301/06/2023DITENStudy and Analysis of Accelerometer Signal Processing Techniques from Critical Infrastructure via Compressive Sensing Techniques16 months06/04/202313/04/202301/05/2023DCCISynthesis of persistent luminescence compounds based on metal halides and silicates16 months10/04/202317/04/202301/05/2023DIMESRole of the TRPM2 channel in "browning13 months12/04/202319/04/202301/05/2023DCCIPolymeric photonic structures for sensing13 months10/04/202317/04/202301/05/2023DCCISynthesis of Oxygenated Polyheterocyclic Systems13 months10/04/202317/04/202301/05/2023DIECSocioeconomic Inequalities and Environmental Determinants of Health Status212 months05/04/202312/04/202301/05/2023DIMEDevelopment of high performance data analytic routines for high fidelity simulations of low pressure turbines16 months05/04/202312/04/202301/05/2023CIRI-ITEpidemiology of infectious diseases. Prevention strategies and health promotion actions112 months20/03/202327/03/202301/05/2023DISSALInnovation in prevention: from research to the development of new integrated digital communication strategies to support immunization and serve community health112 months20/03/202327/03/202301/05/2023CIELIAnalysis of digitization and sustainability of enterprises operating in the logistics and commercial distribution sectors13 months13/03/202317/03/202301/05/2023DIBRISInformed machine learning16 months11/04/202318/04/202301/05/2023DITENDevelopment of network models in Python environment for managing microgrids cn high penetration of renewables17 months08/03/202315/03202301/04/2023DITENDevelopment of detailed models of electrochemical storage systems and fuel cell technologies for on-board and ground integration aspects17 months08/03/202315/03/202301/04/2023DIBRISEfficient large-scale machine learning15 months14/03/202321/03/202301/04/2023DIBRISUse of new technologies for medical-surgical training13 months06/03/202313/03/202301/04/2023DIBRISDevelopment of perceptual features in silicon: design rules and adaptation phenomena17 months03/03/202310/03/202301/04/2023DIECStudy and profiling, through direct survey, of customers of Mediterranean marinas13 months08/03/202315/03/202301/04/2023DICCAResponse of support works for deep excavations constrained by structural inclusions: Finite element numerical analyses under 2D and 3D conditions13 months03/03/202310/03/202301/04/2023DAFISTBlooming in disease. A virtue care ethics intervention for the promotion of well-being in patients with Parkinson's disease19 months06/03/202313/03/202301/04/2023DCCISynthesis and Characterization of Hybrid magnetic Nanomaterials14 months14/03/202321/03/202301/04/2023DCCIStructural and electrochemical characterization of materials for use in solid oxide cells16 months15/03/202322/03/202301/04/2023DCCICCC diagrams and thermal fractionation of isotactic polypropylene15 months14/03/202321/03/202301/04/2023DIGINext Generation UPP: new collaborative schemes between universities and judicial offices for improving efficiency and performance of justice in northwest Italy25 months09/03/202316/03/202301/04/2023DISTAVPreparatory Study for the Development and Submission of a Proposed Management Plan on Vessel Seine110 months01/03/202308/03/202301/04/2023DINOGMIGenotype-phenotype correlations in patients with Tuberous Sclerosis16 months23/02/202302/03/202301/04/2023DIBRISUnsupervised learning for biological image analysis17 months03/03/202310/03/202301/04/2023DIBRISSoftware tools for formal verification of neural networks13 months20/02/202327/02/202301/04/2023DCCIStudy of C-C bond formation reactions on levoglucosenone16 months20/02/202327/02/202301/04/2023DCCISynthesis of Heterocycles through Multicomponent Reactions16 months15/02/202322/02/202301/04/2023DISFORMigrations and Intercultural Processes in a Gender Perspective19 months08/02/202315/02/202301/03/2023DIMIIn Vitro Traceability Models of Mesenchymal Cells and Extracellular Vesicles15 months13/02/202320/02/202301/03/2023DIBRISReliable Artificial Intelligence for Logistics and Freight Transportation18 months08/02/202315/02/202301/03/2023DISFORPsychology and Cognitive Science19 months09/02/202316/02/202301/03/2023DCCIOptical "in-situ" measurement of crystallization during 3D printing112 months13/02/202320/02/202301/03/2023DIMESBoosting autophagy as a therapeutic strategy to treat TBC1D24 epilepsy111 months13/02/202320/02/202301/03/2023DCCIRheological and calorimetric characterization of materials for 3D printing16 months13/02/202320/02/202301/03/2023DISCAnalysis of bio-humoral factors predictive of kidney damage112 months02/02/202309/02/202301/03/2023DICCAMorphodynamic Modeling of the Po River for Sediment Management Program Update18 months19/01/202326/01/202301/03/2023DAFISTNegative Expressives. An eye-tracker study15 months23/02/202302/03/202301/04/2023DISTAVAnalysis of the Impacts of the Mario Zucchelli Station (Ross Sea) on Natural Capital, on beta diversity and macro biotonic community connections14 months23/01/202330/01/202301/03/2023DICCAStudy of electrocatalytic materials for green hydrogen production and CO2 reduction through co-high temperature electrolysis with H2O13 months09/01/202316/01/202301/02/2023DIMESStudy of the role of sialoproteins in nephrotic syndrome using in vitro models on podocyte cultures in mono- and three-dimensions112 months06/01/202313/01/202301/02/2023DIBRISStudy and implementation of passive haptics techniques for virtual reality19 months07/01/202311/01/202301/02/2023DITENDevelopment of detailed models for CIG (Converter Interfaced Generation) type systems on real-time for hardware applications in the loop13 months09/01/202316/01/202301/02/2023

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