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As part of RAISE, an innovation ecosystem of which the University of Genoa is the proposing body, thanks to the spoke 5 "Artificial Intelligence for Public Administration" project, every public administration employee has the opportunity to participate in one or more training courses to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the use of artificial intelligence in the context of institutions.
"P5 AI for PA" is funded by the PNRR and therefore no cost is expected. "P5 AI for PA" is funded by the PNRR and, therefore, there is no cost of participation.

The project is divided into 3 levels (PLANS), each with specific targets and objectives:

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  • PLANE 1 - basic course "Introduction to digital transformation and its role in the PA", aimed at all public administration employees: offers a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence, together with a comprehensive overview of its practical applications and the ethical and legal consequences of adopting advanced technologies in the public administration;
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  • PLANE 2 - advanced course on e-leadership, aimed at civil servants and managers: aims to provide new skills and knowledge to effectively lead organisations in an increasingly digital world
  • FLOOR 3 - advanced course on e-procurement, aimed at middle managers and executives: aims to provide participants with comprehensive training on the use of digital technologies in the procurement process, with a focus on the new innovative procurement code.

PLAN 1 will soon be available on a dedicated platform, which can be used without attendance constraints.

Where and when?

6 May 2024, from 16:00 to 18:00

Aula Magna, Via Balbi 5, Genoa

Free admission, upon reservation