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economia sostenibile

The new edition of the free online course (Massive Open Online Course - MOOC) "Sustainability in the EU Company and Financial Law – 2024 ed." is available via EduOpen.

The EU legal framework for Sustainable finance is continuously evolving at a fast pace also because of the EU commitment to facilitate the transition to a sustainable economy. This second edition of the EUSFIL MOOC “Sustainability in the EU Company and Financial Law – 2024 ed.” presents updated videos, material and activities to help social sciences’ master students and postgraduates’ students as well as all interested persons to navigate such new evolving and fundamental framework.
The course aims to provide participants with all basic notions and instruments to understand and discuss current development and trends in the integration of sustainability in the EU company and financial law, while providing several opportunities to dive deeper. Also presenting sustainable finance from different legal and economic fields (European Law, Company Law, Banking Law, Financial Markets Regulation etc.), the course will contribute at stimulating the audience to discuss the most challenging issues concerning such a framework from different points of view.

The course , in English and lasting about 16 hours (including educational material and final test), is open to all and does not require any specific previous knowledge. It is offered by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Finance - EUSFiL (, directed by Prof. Michele Siri), under the coordination of Professor Eugenia Macchiavello and with the collaboration several renown national and international experts. At the end of the course a badge and a certificate of attendance will be issued.