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Digital Humanities Symposium 2024
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Critical Perspectives and Intersections in the Digital Humanities

DH Doctoral Symposium UniGe-UniTo 2024

Doctoral students of the Doctoral Program in Digital Humanities of the Consortium UniGe-UniTo invite contributions to the DH Doctoral Symposium 2024 to be held in Genoa on 20 and 21 May.

The interdisciplinary conference intends to explore in more detail the concept of "lack of cultural criticism" (Fiormonte 2012) and of "situated knowledge" (Haraway 1988), in their multiple declinations in the field of DH: in particular, the active and embodied role of the researcher, the opportunities arising from the application of information technologies to humanities, and the challenges related to the use of technological tools, usually considered neutral, but deeply influencing epistemologies and practices of humanities.

Perspectives from qualitative and quantitative historical and philological analysis, cultural criticism, and sociological, literary, artistic, and linguistic disciplines supported by digital and computational approaches will be embraced. Attention will be paid to the linguistic, geographical and cultural hegemonies of DH, to the major themes of communication and domain informatics, to the biases introduced by the extensive use of Large Language Models, and to the complex interactions between artificial intelligence, practices and artistic and cultural heritage, also with a view to a didactics of DH and/or through its tools.

Interested scholars may submit anonymised and original abstracts of up to 500 words (bibliography excluded) in pdf format for review via the easychair platform no later than 14 April 2024. Applicants are requested to provide a title of the contribution, a maximum of 5 keywords and a short bio-bibliography.


Contributions are accepted in English, French or Italian.


The maximum length for each paper will be 15 minutes. Participation in the conference is free. Accepted contributions will be collected and published in a volume edited by Genova University Press, the publishing house of the University of Genoa.

Keynote speakers
  • Chris Biemann (Hamburg University)
  • .
  • Paola Ciandrini (Chiesi. R&D Project Management - Archives Management & Systems)
  • Fabio Ciotti (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
  • Luigi Di Caro (University of Turin)
  • Matteo Di Cristofaro (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
  • Laura Moretti (University of St. Andrews)
  • Nuria Rodriguez Ortega (UMA, Universidad de Malaga)
  • Francesca Tomasi (University of Bologna)

Where and when?

20-21 May 2024


For more information visit the DH Symposium page or write to