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Rector's Elections for the Academic Sexennium 2020/2026


new e-voting

The appointment with the Rector elections for the academic sexennium 2020/2026 is approaching.

Who can vote?

Those who are included in the final electorate:

  • professors
  • managers and administrative technicians for an indefinite period
  • students
  • PhD students and postgraduate students represented on government bodies, school councils or departmental councils

How do you vote?

The elections will be held in telematic mode using a personal device connected to the internet (smartphone, personal computer, tablet) to which you will need with your UnigePass credentials.

Before the opening of the voting, you will receive an email to your institutional address containing:

  • the link to the voting system
  • a second-level password

The system will propose you the names of the 4 candidates, whose programs and curriculum vitae can be consulted on the UniGe website at the first useful link.

You can choose only one candidate or no candidate (blank ballot) and confirm your choice.

After this confirmation you won't be able to access the system again or modify your vote.

How does the system work?

The system:

  • guarantees your complete anonymity, also from the point of view of the afference
  • recognises the weight of the vote cast
  • inserts the virtual ballot voted in a single ballot box

When do I vote?

  • first round of voting: from 9 am on Monday 14 September to 2 pm on Tuesday 15 September 2020, without interruptions (it will therefore be possible to vote at night).
  • second round of voting: Wednesday 30 September and Thursday 1 October

Voting quorum

For votes to be valid, a majority of those entitled to vote is required.

Contacts and information

For information or problems in accessing the system (active only from 14 September), you can contact the Electoral Procedures Sector at the second useful link.

To learn more, please visit the third useful link.