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Donate the 5x1000 to the University of Genoa


UniGe 5x1000

Support, with your 5x1000, the deserving students of the University of Genoa!

Now donate the 5x1000 to UniGe

Fiscal Code: 00754150100

It co-finances scholarships, research grants, new equipped spaces for students.

Promote the success of research, the progress of science, the work of our young people.

The University of Genoa is one of the major cultural and scientific resources of Liguria, a reality in constant dialogue with the territory and the economic fabric.

You're part of it too. Invest in our young people, support research, future generations, your University: making a great contribution is easy!

All it takes is a signature: all you need to do is to allocate the 5x1000 IRPEF at the time of filing your tax return, without any extra charge.

In the appropriate box "Financing scientific research and the University" you can find the tax code of the University of Genoa: 00754150100.