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Notre Dame: restoration strategies


restauro notre dame

The cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was seriously damaged by fire on 15 April 2019. In the months following this tragic event, the Ministry of Culture of the French Republic commissioned a team of five experts, including Carlo Blasi, to design and supervise first the safety of the monument and then its partial reconstruction.

Hence the invitation to Prof. Carlo Blasi by the University of Genoa, together with the University of Milan, for a virtual conference as part of the "Benvenuto Lectures" cycle of the Department Architecture and Design.

To participate:

Thursday 21 May 2020 at 15:00

  • Microsoft Teams platform - claf75r code (only for Office365-UniGe users)
  • streaming on the Youtube channel indicated at the first useful link

To learn more, visit, the magazine of the University of Genoa, at the second useful link.