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We support research - #UniGenonsiferma


UniGe sosteniamo la ricerca

UniGe has launched a fundraising campaign to support research on the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

We need everyone's help to finance, with UniGe, an epidemiological survey in Liguria, to understand the mechanisms of spread of the virus and the impact of the epidemic on the population.

We are separate, but united in solidarity; every contribution is important and precious, as is every demonstration of closeness.

We invite you to share this donation campaign in the hope that we can all get together again soon. We remain close, thanks to your help #UniGenonsiferma

How to donate

Donations made to the University of Genoa - causal Covid-19 Research Campaign - can be made through:

  • bank transfer made out to the University of Genoa - Covid-19 IBAN Research Campaign: IT36Z0569601400000015000X58 Banca Popolare di Sondrio
  • Postal account no. 1046661573 IBAN: EN85J0760111000001046661573
  • on Rete del dono, at the first useful link