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Smart Track 4 Covid UniGe


smart track

Smart Track is a small Genoese reality that mainly deals with IoT for the protection of the 4.0 worker, and was born at the end of 2014 with the technology transfer of research activities carried out by Saverio Pagano and Simone Peirani, both class '87, under the scientific supervision of Professor Maurizio Valle, associate professor of the DITEN department.

In this second phase of the Covid-19 emergency, PMI has launched a system for the containment of contagions: Smart Track 4 Covid.

CEO Saverio Pagano explains the Smart Track 4 Covid project:

"This is a new module of the Smart Track IoT platform, based on individual wearable devices and innovative sensors, able to automatically and anonymously track workers' movements and social interactions and automatically manage emergencies, mappings and evacuations, to minimize intervention time and save lives.In these difficult times, our priority has been to rapidly develop new systems and technologies to safeguard the operating resources of the production sectors. We believe that the new module can provide real help for a rapid and safe economic recovery after Covid-19".

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