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FameLab: tell about science in 3 minutes



FameLab is the first scientific talent, an international scientific communication competition for young researchers under 40 and university students.

What characterizes this talent is the timing. If you decide to participate, you will only have 3 minutes to present your speech in the best possible way and win over judges and the public by talking about your scientific topic.

UniGe can already pride itself on a winner of the 2019 edition: Veronica Grieco, Doctor of Mathematics.

You can participate if:

1) you will be a member, on 08/06/2020, of one of the following categories:

  • researchers or research assignors in science, medicine or engineering at public or private research institutions
  • graduates in science, medicine or engineering with a proven employment relationship in the 'research and development' sector of a body or company
  • students at a doctoral school or postgraduate school or postgraduate master's or postgraduate students or university students enrolled in at least the fourth year of a degree course in science, medicine or engineering

2) you were born between 01/01/1980 and 31/12/1998

3) you have not reached the final stage (masterclass or national final) in previous editions of FameLab

To learn more about how to participate, deadlines, dates, places and times, please visit the first useful link.