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Studenti al pc

In recent years, the National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE has introduced the evaluation of the annual reports drawn up by each Italian university on the KA103 action, the one financing student mobility for study and internship purposes.

These reports include the opinions on the various steps of mobility expressed by students who have carried out an Erasmus+ experience.

The annual report of the University of Genoa on the activities conducted in the academic year 2018/19 has reached an enviable score: 91 points out of 100.

In the analytical assessment, the INDIRE evaluators noted that "a good internal organization is evident, well-coordinated both for the management and support of outgoing and incoming mobility" and highlighted "the variety of mobility carried out, which includes outgoing mobility of graduates and students with special needs".

It was also remarked that "the contribution offered by the University to mobile students for study and traineeship based on the ISEE indicator is a good incentive to increase outgoing numbers, while co-financing based on the credits amount acquired during the study period is an incentive to increase the quality of study periods spent abroad".

Great words for an University that aims to strengthen the internationalization of teaching and to increase the audience of students who choose to have an educational experience abroad.