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Oscar di Montigny

Oscar di Montigny, writer, popularizer and international keynote speaker, meets the student community at the University of Genoa.


March 30, 2023, 11 a.m.


San Salvatore Lecture Hall, Piazza di Sarzano 9, Genoa


By reserving your place, at the helpful link

Milanese, born in 1969, Oscar di Montigny is a writer, popularizer and international keynote speaker and expert on mega trends, innovation, sustainability and positive impact. He devised the principles of "Spherical Economy®"-to strive for an economic system that generates prosperity and not just wealth, putting the human being back at the center of the entire social system-and "Humanovability®"-to indicate the urgency to always act, in every sphere of action within one's sphere of influence, along three developmental guidelines: human centricity (human centricity), Innovation (innovation), Sustainability (sustainability). Principles that he disseminates and advances through an integrated path of editorial activities, keynote speeches in international fora, lectio magistralis in schools and universities, and advocacy activities with business groups.

In his blog, "Reflections for the Third Millennium," he investigates mega trends and new social and market scenarios.

In 2016 he published with Mondadori the best seller "The Time of the New Heroes," which soon became a radio format broadcast for three years on Radio Italia, and in 2020 the pop essay "Gratitude. The Necessary Revolution." In 2022 he is back in bookstores again with "6x2" published by Rizzoli.