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7 fixed-term positions for PNRR projects



Fixed-term (1 year renewable) competitions on PNRR projects for 7 staff units of category D

Six public selection procedures are active, based on qualifications and examinations, for the establishment of fixed-term, full-time employment relationships for a duration of one year, each renewable annually by the end of the reference project for a maximum total duration of three years, with no. 7 staff to be placed in category D, economic position D1, technical, technical-scientific and data processing area, at the Department of Physics (DIFI) and the Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences (DISTAV), for the SEE-LIFE, ETIC, IRIS, MIRRI and SPOKE 2 projects.

The announcements are on the university's Competitions site at the useful link

(search for D.D.G. No. 164 of 19.01.2023 or the name of the project)

Application deadline:

Feb. 21, 2023, by 2 p.m.