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Alessandro Ghirotto wins the "Marco Mucciarelli" Award



Alessandro Ghirotto, a UniGe graduate in Geological Sciences, has won, on equal merit, the national degree in geophysics entitled to the memory of the seismologist Prof. Marco Mucciarelli.

The thesis of Ghirotto is entitled "Geothermal conceptual model of the Luhoi field (Tanzania), from modeling of magnetotelluric and gravimetric data" and deals with the geophysical and geological-structural characterization of detail of a geothermal field in East Africa (Tanzania), through an innovative approach of analysis and integrated modeling of geophysical (gravimetric and magnetotelluric), geological, geochemical and thermal data, which led to the creation of the first ever conceptual model for that field.

The "Marco Mucciarelli" Award is reserved for recent graduates with a specialist or master's degree in Physics, Geosciences, Geology, Geophysics, Engineering or related subjects, who have completed their degree thesis in seismological, geophysical or seismic engineering.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday 27 September 2019 in Matera on the occasion of the "European Researchers' Night" event.

For more information about the "Marco Mucciarelli" Award and to know the final ranking visit the attached link.