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Italian Open Water Tour in Genoa


Italian Open Water Tour 2022

With the "Traversata Crêuza de mä" will start for the first time from Genoa theItalian Open Water Tour, open water swimming event in 9 stages now in its seventh edition.

The appointment is for May 22 at Bagni San Nazaro and Boccadasse. UniGe students will also participate in the competition.

At the press conference to launch the event, sponsored by the University of Genoa, were present (in the photo, from left to right):

  • Francesco Ghettini, open water swimming champion, "Gran fondo" specialty
  • Marco Bove, Delegate of the Rector for the enhancement of sports activities
  • Nicoletta Dacrema, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Edoardo Stochino, open water swimming champion, "Gran Fondo" specialty
  • Marcello Amirante, responsible for the organization of the open water swimming circuit "Italian Open Water Tour".

To learn more, read the article at the first useful link and visit the official website of "Italian Open Water Tour" at the second useful link.