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Opened the registrations until 21/02/2022 to the course of improvement "The supply chain of the container" promoted from the University of Genoa, Department of Economy - DIEC in the within of the partnership with the International Center Studies Containers - C.I.S.Co.

The Course, been born in order to answer to the increasing demand of specialization in the market of the logistics of the container, is proposed to deepen the technical-economic aspects of the supply chain of the containerized traffic, in particular in the field of the shipping and the intermodal transport.

At the end of the course it will be released a certificate of frequency and merit according to the formative run chosen:

  • Container supply chain expert
  • Specialist in the market and business of the Container
  • Specialist in the logistics of the Container

The course meets the requirements for the initiative of Regione Liguria "Specializzarsi per competere" that provides the financing of vouchers for the total reimbursement of the registration fee to residents in Liguria Under 35.

Enrolment by 12.00 noon on 21/02/2022.