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Living together in prison



Last act of the project "An all-female mediation", carried out at the female ward of the Casa Circondariale di Genova-Pontedecimo since 2019, the conference intends to give the widest dissemination both to the modalities and to the possible and positive fallout of the path carried out as well as the experiences of this type activated in other Italian penitentiary institutions since 2015.

The conference is organized by: Association of Community Mediation, Association and Foundation San Marcellino, University of Genoa, in collaboration with the National Conference Voluntary Justice and with the contribution of the 8 per Thousand of the Waldensian Church.


28th October 2021, from 15:30


Aula Magna of Balbi 5 and online on the YouTube channel of UniGe

Discover the full program of the conference on the University magazine, at the useful link.