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Ulysseus European University International Meeting

19/10/2021 - 20/10/2021

Ulysseus international meeting Innsbruck

It will take place from 19 to 20 October 2021, in Innsbruck, the first meeting, in presence and online, with the partner universities of Ulysseus, European alliance between 6 universities. UniGe participates with:

  • Clio Flego - UniGe Innovation Hub Officer
  • Cinzia Leone - UniGe Ulysseus responsible
  • Agostino Massa - Associate Professor
  • Fulvio Mastrogiovanni - Vice-Rector for International Affairs
  • Paolo Piccardo - UniGe Ulysseus WP5 leader
  • Alessio Tei - UniGe Innovation Hub Coordinator

To learn more about Ulysseus, visit the project website at the useful link.