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Genoa and Padua, European universities: Ulysseus meets Arqus


bandiera europa

The University of Genoa and the University of Padua are partners respectively of Ulysseus and Arqus, two of the 41 European Universities currently funded by the European Union. These Alliances will become the universities of the future, promoting European values and identity and advancing the quality and competitiveness of higher education in Europe.

European Universities aim to promote common European values, as set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union, and a strengthened European identity. They have a long-term strategy, co-designed and oriented towards sustainability and excellence.

The goal of the European Universities is to bring together a new generation of creative Europeans who can collaborate in different languages, across borders and across disciplines to address the significant societal challenges of our time.

Equal opportunities, inclusion and respect for diversity are the founding values of the EU that European Universities are called upon to implement, both internally and in their role of promoting excellence and innovation in research.

The University of Genoa and the University of Padua are identifying common areas of interest across the EDI initiatives promoted by Ulysseus and Arqus to share transversal actions to make partner universities more equitable, diverse and inclusive.

The University of Padua in Arqus coordinates Action Line 2, "Widening Access, Inclusion and Diversity", including "Common Charters on Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals" among its thirteen activities. The University of Genoa in Ulysseus coordinates the work package dedicated to "Social Responsibility and Citizen Engagement", promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion through cross-fertilization actions inside and outside the Alliance.


September 28, 2021, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.


Online on Zoom at the useful link (ID riunione: 821 5758 9757)


2.30 pm • Opening remarks and introduction – Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, UniGe

2.40 pm • Presentation of Arqus and Ulysseus EDI activities (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) – Rita Bencivenga, UniGe and Lucia Gennaro, UniPd

3:20 pm • Horizon Europe and Gender Equality Plans: actions and reactions in Ulysseus – Angela Celeste Taramasso, UniGe

3:30 pm • EU and European Universities: towards an inclusive university – Cinzia Leone, UniGe

3:50 pm • Round table

4:20 pm • Concluding remarks: meeting of Italian universities participating in European Universities (November 2021) and international meeting of European Universities (2022) towards a broader involvement of universities in EDI-related issues.