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We went out to see the stars again... in Sant'Olcese



"Uscimmo a riveder le stelle" is the title that unites three different events organised by the University of Genoa in historical villas and public parks in Liguria, to return to practise culture on the territory in direct contact with the public.

After Sestri Levante and Porto Venere, the last event will be held at Villa Serra, with a dialogue between Prof. Benente and Prof. Sguerso on the research and enhancement of cultural heritage. To follow, the concert of the group Gnu Quartet andguided observation to the recognition of stars and constellations by the Astronomical Observatory of Righi.


16 September 2021, at 21:00


Villa Serra, Via Carlo Levi 2 (Comago) - Sant'Olcese


By booking your free ticket at the first useful link