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Co-creation Blue Services

01/07/2021 - 21/07/2021


Are you interested in the blue economy?

Are you a curious person who wants to create new services for our city and the sea?

Take part in the "Co-Creation Blue Services" workshop at the Genova Blue District in Via del Molo 65 AR, Genoa, in July.

The objective is to create innovative proposals for services in synergy with the companies of the blue economy, all with a multidisciplinary and interactive approach.

No specific knowledge is needed, the important thing is to have the desire to get involved and stimulate creativity by activating new knowledge networks in stimulating environments of innovation for the territory.

To learn more and to register, read the details on at the useful link.

For any doubt or request for clarification you can call the numbers 010 6480512 and 010 6480508.

N.B . Ask the coordinator of your course if participating in the workshop will give you 1 CFU.