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The third meeting of "immensely, madly Pasolini"


Pasolini – Carlo Berio La forma della citta'

Third appointment with "Smisuratamente, pazzamente Pasolini", the project conceived by Massimo Minella and Sergio Maifredi and produced by the University of Genoa, Teatro Pubblico Ligure and Ansaldo Foundation continues with "La forma della città".

After "L'ultimo poeta civile" with Francesco De Nicola (online from March 26th) and" Lafolgorazione figurativa" with Lauro Magnani (online from April 2nd), this time it's Carlo Berio's turn, one of the most famous and appreciated architects and town planners in Liguria, who in the episode entitled "La forma della città" deals with a theme particularly dear to Pasolini, that of the suburbs. The starting point, and at the same time the final objective, is the necessity of an urban planning able to start from the bottom and to dialogue with the territories, in opposition to what was already happening in the Fifties and Sixties in Italy, with the isolation of the suburbs devastated by crumbling buildings, attacked by building speculation. Pasolini the urbanist is summed up in the famous documentary "La forma della città" which he shot in Orte in '74 and reinterpreted by Carlo Berio through his original drawings and comics.

"Smisuratamente, pazzamente Pasolini", will continue with the fourth and last appointment, Friday, April 16, always at 21, entitled "Con le ali ai piedi", dedicated to football. In dialogue with Massimo Minella there will be Roberto Pani.


Friday, April 9, 2021, at 9 p.m.


Online, on the UniGe YouTube channel

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