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Individual career counselling

The service aims to support the undergraduate/graduate student in constructing a professional project, taking into account the aspirations, educational background and opportunities offered by the world of work. During the course of the meetings, the topics covered during the thematic workshops can also be explored.

The meetings, each lasting one hour, are held in person (Piazza della Nunziata, 6 - 3rd floor) or remote (Microsoft Teams platform) on Mondays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.00 

Reservation procedure

Write an email to indicating: name, surname, matriculation number, course of study, telephone number and method of service delivery (remote or in person).

Those booked for the service will be placed on a waiting list and then contacted to agree, based on availability, on the date and time of the meeting.

Attention:If you have booked to use the service, please monitor your email UNIGE: we may have important communications! If we need to contact you by phone instead, please remember that an incoming call from "Private Number" appears. If you find an unanswered call, please contact us again at 0102099675. 

Some tips for building your professional project

Get to know yourself

Your path essentially starts with you. When entering the world of work you must first know yourself, be able to clearly define what your professional goals, your aspirations are, be aware of what knowledge you already have, what skills you can invest in, how and where you are available to work.

The first things to pack in your suitcase are:
  • your goals: your aspirations, your desired profession, which activities you would like to do and in which field
  • your educational background: your educational qualifications, your qualifications, but also the experience and skills you have acquired over the years.

You want to clarify your ideas? To start building your professional project, we advise you to fill in the Scheda Progetto Professionale.

Get to know the world of work

In order to construct a realistic professional project, in addition to getting to know yourself, you need to get to know the world of work, the professions most in demand, and understand what knowledge and skills you need to have in order to work in your chosen field and activity.

Here are some links that may help you:

International students / International students

The service is also available in english language for international students enrolled in a UniGe course or graduated at our University.

They say about us

We report some data from the customer satisfaction questionnaires, sent to those who have used the service.
The data refer to the year 2023.

Hours delivered





  • Support and understanding of needs

    Understanding and support of my needs, focusing on the current moment in my university career.

  • Excellent service

    Exceptional service from both a human and professional perspective. The consultancy was clear and full of useful information thanks to the experience of the staff who were able to guide me towards my requests.

  • Availability and preparation

    The staff were helpful and proactive from the start. Excellent preparation, helpfulness, courtesy and promptness. It provided me with good tools to seek employment in some areas of my interest.

  • Interesting ideas

    I was provided with very interesting and useful ideas to meet my requirements. Trained, knowledgeable and very kind orientator.


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