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Pre-assessment procedure for master degrees taught in English. ONLY for NON-EU students living abroad:

  1. Register to create UniGe user name and password; 
  2. Once you have created Unige access keys, log in on this link to start the UniGeApply application. The deadline to apply for a.y. 2023/2024 is 31st May 2023
  3. Fill in all the blank fields and upload the documents requested by the Study Program Board. You can apply for a maximum of TWO courses; 
  4. Save all the pages and then remember to save at the end of the application process; 
  5. If the application has been correctly filled in and saved, at the end you will read the green sentence “Complete, pending evaluation by the office” which means that the application has been correctly submitted and is waiting for evaluation. You will also receive an email confirming this status. Please consider that, due to the high number of applications, the assessment may take several weeks; 
  6. If some documents are incomplete or missing the sentence at the end of the application process will turn yellow and you will read “Incomplete (Missing/incorrect documents)” followed by the indication of which are the incomplete/missing documents. Also in this case you will be notified by email. The application will be reopened so that you can correct and upload the missing/incorrect documents; 
  7. Once the application has been assessed you will be notified by email and you will see on your application one of the following situations: 
    • Accepted. In this case you will read the green sentence “Complete (Accepted by commission). You will also be able to download a receipt stating that you have been accepted in the course; 
    • Conditionally accepted (yellow sentence). You miss some curricular requirements which need to be satisfied before enrolling in the course (i.e. you may have to take additional exams or an admission test if the course has restricted access). Also in this case you will be able to download a receipt stating your acceptance; 
    • Rejected (red sentence). You do not satisfy the requirements to access this course. 
  8. If your application has been accepted, or conditionally accepted, please apply for pre-enrollment on the website Universitaly,  The mentioned website is now open for applications referred to a.y. 2023/24 until 7th July, 2023
  9. When your preenrollment application is validated through web portal, you will be able to submit your visa request to the Embassy/Consulate of Italy in your country. You will then receive from UNIGE
    Welcome office (SASS) an e-mail with further instructions regarding the following steps

Last update 05/05/2023