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Scholarships for UniGe outgoing students

Here below you can find the list of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) in which the University of Genoa takes part.

Here you can find the Master’s degree courses you can attend by winning an Erasmus+ scholarship.

For the EMJMDs that do not offer any scholarship, please visit Erasmus+ (outgoing).

EMARO+ (European Master on Advanced RObotics Plus)

The EMARO+ is a Master’s Degree Course in Advanced Robotics offered through the collaboration of four different European universities:

EMARO+ offers a ERASMUS MUNDUS programme for the years 2015-2017, 2016-2018, 2017-2019. Visit EMARO+

EMShip (European Masters Course in Integrated Advanced Ship Design)

The EMShip is a Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture and Ship Design, offered through the collaboration of six different universities:

EMShip offers an ERASMUS MUNDUS scholarship. Visit EMShip

Last update 27/09/2023