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Research Grants

Research Grants


Scholars of any nationality are eligible to apply for research grants, only if they have an appropriate scientific-professional curriculum to carry out the research activities established by the competition notice.

Such grants are awarded through a public competition, which consists of the evaluation of the qualifications submitted by the applicants, and an interview. The duration of the fellowships is one to three years, renewable subject to certain conditions. The overall duration, including renewal, of the contracts stipulated according to the Italian Law no.240 of 30th December 2010, Article 22, shall in no case be more than six years, except for any period in which the fellow may receive the allowance while carrying out a PhD programme, up to its maximum legal duration.

After the publication of the final merit rankings, the successful candidates shall be invited to stipulate a private-law contract with the University of Genoa, in order to formalize the award of the fellowships. The said contract shall not constitute in any manner a relationship of subordinated work, and shall not give rise to any right of employment as academic staff. The collaboration shall not be merely occasional, but continuous, systematic and well-planned. The fellows shall carry out autonomous research under the direction of a scientific coordinator, without any fixed working time, and only within the limits of the research programmes, for the purpose of their fruitful development.