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Ulysseus UniGe 20230614

Europe Commission funds another four-year period

Ulysseus is one of the European Universities Alliances selected for an additional four-year period and will benefit from €12.8 million in funding. Following this news, the new partnership now consisting of eight universities was officially launched after the initial group - Universidad de Sevilla (Spain), University of Genoa (Italy), Université de Côte D'Azur (France), Technical University of Košice (Slovakia), MCI | The Entrepreneurial School (Austria)-were joined by the University of Münster (Germany) and the University of Montenegro (Montenegro). The diversity of institutions, countries and regions has facilitated the creation of a complementary, dynamic and versatile alliance that, together with the 158 associated partners, develops an agile, sustainable and proactive innovation ecosystem. The purpose of that ecosystem is to promote synergies among the four missions of higher education: education, research, innovation, and public engagement to respond to UN, European, regional, and local challenges. In the new edition of the project, UniGe will be home to the innovation hub on robotics.

(In photo, participants at the meeting Ulysseus hosted in UniGe on June 13 and 14, 2023)