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I don't give up studying - #UniGenonsiferma



Thanks to your help #UniGenonsiferma

UniGe has launched a fundraising campaign to guarantee access to higher education to all students who risk not being able to enrol or having to interrupt their studies due to the difficulties their families will find themselves in due to the serious economic crisis following the Covid-19 emergency.

We believe it is right to commit ourselves as an institution and that it is our duty to help and protect these young people, so as not to frustrate a precious heritage from the social and cultural point of view for the whole of our country, so as not to risk wiping out an entire generation of graduates, so as not to deny them, due to economic constraints, the right to study and the right to dream of their own future.

In addition to the initiatives that UniGe will put in place to facilitate access and guarantee the possibility of continuing studies, in collaboration with the University Educational Commission and the University Orientation Commission, with the support of the Educational Area and the Service for Relations with Companies and the Territory, we are also asking our colleagues, the University's retired staff and all our Alumni for help in increasing the measures already in place.

With the proceeds of our internal collection, together with donations from Bodies, Associations and Companies, we will finance support for students, both for those already enrolled and for the new freshmen of the academic year 2020/2021.

We are aware that with this request we are adding one more solicitation at a difficult time, but we are counting on the generosity of each one for a purpose that we believe concerns us all, that is, to prevent our younger generations from having to give up their projects and their aspirations.

As already done for the Covid-19 epidemiological study, it is possible for professors and researchers to donate part of the residuals (and not) of the commercial contracts already concluded to this campaign, to allow a young student not to give up their dreams.

The funds raised will converge in the creation of scholarships and other facilities for enrolled and potential students, deserving of support.

Here are some examples of cost:

  • 3,500 euro average tuition fees for one year
  • 1,000 euro transport season ticket (train+bus)
  • 4,000 euros rent accommodation for one year
  • 500 euro co-financing purchase of teaching texts
  • 200 euro tablet + internet connection
  • 750 euros PC + internet connection

Students are the heritage of our community, thank you for your help.


  • bank transfer made out to the University of Genoa - Campaign "I DO NOT WITHDRAWAL TO STUDY" IBAN: IT36Z0569601400000015000X58 Banca Popolare di Sondrio
  • Postal C/C no. 1046661573 - Campaign "I DO NOT WANT TO STUDY" IBAN: EN85J0760111000001046661573
  • only for UniGe staff to the useful link