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dottore stetoscopio

There are many topics at the center of the84th National Congress of Occupational Medicine, sponsored by the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine (SIML) in collaboration with the University of Genoa and the Policlinico San Martino IRCSS Hospital in Genoa.

An intense schedule with 4 plenary sessions, 25 parallel sessions and 4 focus groups will be the protagonist of the three-day congress entitled "Perspectives and new opportunities in Occupational Medicine between research, technological innovation and changes in the world of work."

At the helm of the Congress are Prof. Paolo Durando, Director of the School of Occupational Medicine of the University of Genoa and Director of the U.O.C. Occupational Medicine of Policlinico San Martino, and Prof. Giovanna Spatari, President of SIML.


September 28-30, 2022


Magazzini del Cotone Congress Center, Genoa, Italy.

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