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The Russian-Ukrainian war and us


guerra russo-ucraina

The University of Genoa proposes an online debate with Prof. Marco Natalizi, UniGe professor of History of Eastern Europe, in order to understand in a deeper way the past of Ukraine and the scenario of a conflict, opened with the Russian invasion of February 2022, which has ancient origins.

With Prof. Natalizi will speak:

  • Giulia Lami, Professor of History of Slavic Countries and History of Eastern Europe - University of Milan
  • Gastone Breccia, Professor of Byzantine History - University of Pavia
  • Fabio L. Grassi, Professor of History of Eastern Europe - University of Rome, La Sapienza


Monday, April 11, 11:00 am


Online, on TEAMS platform (code 4eclwav)

More information on, the University magazine, at the useful link.