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Environmental and risk communication E.Ri.C.



Registration is open for the first edition of the advanced course in Environmental and risk communication - E.Ri.C promoted by the University of Genoa, Department of Education Sciences - DISFOR, in partnership with TICASS - Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and Sustainable Development.

The Course provides theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to promote the environmental image of public and private bodies, companies and associations for environmental protection. The general figure of reference is that of "environmental information technician" defined in the National Atlas of Qualifications. In particular, the environmental communicators are responsible for detecting, in the context of reference, both public and private, the need for environmental information to promote the sustainability of the proposed initiatives and to plan and manage awareness campaigns and information on environmental policies with particular attention to risk prevention.

The course meets the requirements for the Regione Liguria "Specializzarsi per competere" initiative, which envisages the financing of vouchers for the total reimbursement of the enrolment fee for residents in Liguria under 35. All enrolled participants will receive support and assistance in filling in the application on the Regione Liguria website.

Structure of the course: 250 hours entirely online starting from February 2022.

Application deadline: 11th January 2022