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Blue Economy Summit 2021

13/10/2021 - 16/10/2021

Genova - Porto Antico

UniGe is an institutional partner and participates in all the sessions of the 4th edition of the Blue Economy Summit, the event dedicated to the various production chains of the sea to create awareness of the great opportunities for territorial development and professional growth arising from the blue economy and the industries that gravitate around it.

Six themes will be addressed in the various conference sessions that are fundamental for the growth of Genoa and, more generally, for cities with a maritime vocation:

  • development prospects for the Port of Genoa
  • redevelopment and enhancement of the waterfront of the port areas and the coastline
  • environment and sustainability of the maritime ecosystem
  • development of nautical sports and new models for the sustainable use of the sea resource
  • re-launch of tourism from the sea and for the sea
  • start-up, open innovation and professional paths in the blue economy sector.

When, where and how?

From 13 to 16 October, in person and in live streaming from the Blue District.

Visit the website at the first useful link for more information.

In addition, the novelty of 2021 is Blue Street, a path that winds through the historic center of Genoa, between the Blue District, the Cloister of San Lorenzo, the Cloister of the Vineyards and Piazza San Matteo, to bring in the square the opportunities of the Blue Economy with debates, music and shows.

To learn more, visit the page at the second useful link.