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Introduction to Sustainability, Sustainable Finance and the role of Law



The free online course (Massive Open Online Course - MOOC) "Introduction to Sustainability, Sustainable Finance and the role of Law" is available via EduOpen.

The course, in English and lasting about 4 hours, is curated by the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence on Sustainable Finance ( directed by Prof. Michele Siri, and is co-taught by Prof. Eugenia Macchiavello and Dr. Shanshan Zhu.

The course is a first approach to sustainable finance: it explores its basic concepts, recent developments, trends and analyzes its main issues. Topics covered range from the concept of sustainable development itself to relevant international principles and standards, from types of sustainable investment products to their economic performance with nods to the European Sustainable Finance Action Plan and the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on the sector.

The course is open to all and does not require any special prior knowledge.

A badge and certificate of attendance are issued upon completion of the course.