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Internships abroad

The University of Genoa organises study and internship experiences abroad to promote the development of cultural exchanges and international collaborations.

You can do a curricular (during your studies) or extra-curricular (once you have obtained your degree) internships. 
Your experience at a company or abroad organisation will be enriched by the meeting with the culture, language and way of life of another country and it can be very useful for expanding your network of contacts.

Sometimes the internship is supported financially with a scholarship. 

The University of Genoa joins the programmes:

  • LLP Erasmus Placement, carry out a internship in one of the European countries participating in the programme. You can work in companies or training and research centres. View other information by course of study
  • Porta la Laurea in Azienda, project funded by the University of Genoa
    Identify a European company and apply for a scholarship to carry out an internship there
  • Programmi di tirocinio CRUI-MAECI, internships at the Diplomatic Representations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • Programmi di tirocinio CRUI-MIUR, internships at Italian schools abroad
  • Vulcanus in Giappone, programme run by the Europe-Japan Centre for an internship in a Japanese company

Internship offers in the European Union:

We suggest you to check the health and safety situation in your country of destination by consulting
If you choose an extra-EU country, we recommend that you take out additional personal insurance.


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Last update 27/06/2023