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Samsung Innovation Campus - Smart Things Edition 2021

Samsung Innovation Campus - Smart Things Edition 2021


The project aims to train a group of young problem-solvers, providing them with technological knowledge and soft-skills which are considered important in work contexts related to IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence.

Samsung Innovation Campus - Smart Things Edition 2021 specifically aims to:

  • transfer to STEM students problem-solving skills and notions on how to conceive and manage projects
  • integrate the knowledge acquired during the University course with an in-depth study on the practical application of technologies related to IoT and Artificial Intelligence, in the Consumer Electronics products market;
  • prepare students to become professionals able to integrate themselves into work groups and work contexts

Who is it for?

Students regularly enrolled in the following three-year degree courses at the University of Genoa can apply for the project:

  •  Informatica;
  •  Ingegneria informatica:
  •  Ingegneria elettronica e tecnologie dell’informazione;
  •  Matematica;
  •  Fisica;
  •  Statistica matematica e trattamento informatico dei dati (SMID).

Public call

In order to be aware of the participation requirements, the application procedures and other details of the project, it is recommended to consult the public announcement and the specific rules.

It's also possible to download the Application form at the link below:
Annex 1 - Application form

The application must be sent through the appropriate online service Application deadline: 12.00 on 21 September 2021

Phases of the project

  • Classroom training: 51 hours of classroom training
  • Final test: at the end of the classroom training, students will have to take a final test to verify the knowledge learned during the course. On the basis of the result obtained at the final test a score will be assigned to each student;
  • Project Work: 5 working groups will be arranged, each group consisting of 5 students. To each team will be assigned a project work related to the themes of the project, for an estimated workload of 80 hours (if one or more participants drop out, groups with a different number of components will be arranged, which will not be less than 3);
  • Final event: the 5 working groups will participate to the Final Event, during which they will present the work done to a Commission composed of n. 5 members, of which n. 2 members will be representatives of Samsung and n. 3 members will be representatives of the University, one of which with the function of President. The Commission will evaluate each working group according to a pre-established grid and will express a specific score. During the final event, students who have attended at least 90% of class hours (equal to 46 hours), completed the final test and participated in the Project Work, will receive a Certificate of Participation;
  • Award ceremony: the 3 students who have obtained the best score by adding the final test grade and the project work grade, and who have attended at least 90% of the lessons, will receive, directly from Samsung, a gross amount of € 1,875, 00, or the net amount of € 1,500.00


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